Strategy & vision - a playbook of methods for articulating objectives and sharing future visions

Strategy & vision

Templates and resources for thinking about, visualizing, and evauating product and business strategy models like goals, vision, metrics, barriers, and drivers.

Methods for identifying goals

These methods provide different ways for aligning teams around project, department, or organizational goals.

Goal map

Documents a prioritized list of goals for a project, department, or organization.

Methods to align on shared vision

These methods provide different ways to align teams around single, shared vision of the future.

Future state vision (idealized design)

Documents a concrete, feasible future state vision framed around both problems and successes in the current system.

Recent updates

Future state vision

247 days ago - A method that helps teams envision the concrete, future product or service they want to build. Includes templates and facilitation guide.

Goal map

252 days ago -