Journeys & flows - a playbook of methods for mapping interactions

Journeys & flows

Templates and resources for thinking about, making, and checking interaction and system models like user, task, and process flows; journey maps; service blueprints; and system and site architectures.

The interaction refers to how users interact with an interface over time. When you connect several interactions together, you create a system.

Methods for identifying users

These methods provide different ways for generating lists of users affected by a product or system.

Touchpoint map

Also called a user flow, task flow, screen flow, process flow. Maps the tasks, steps, or screens involved in one or more touchpoints.

Journey map

Also called an experience map and exceedingly similar to service blueprints. Maps several touchpoints across one or more systems and channels.

Recent updates

Journey map

171 days ago - A method that helps teams map how one or more users move into, through, and out of a product or service ecosystem. Includes templates and facilitation guide.

Touchpoint map

251 days ago -