A personal guide to product, service, and experience design

Methods, tools, and resources spread across six sections: Checks & reviews, Interfaces & prototypes, Journeys & flows, Strategy & vision, Users & personas, Workshops & collaboration

Four types of models help explore, test, and iterate design

Strategy & vision

Product and business strategy like goals, vision, and metrics for success.

Users & personas

User analysis, personas, archetypes, roles, and profiles.

Journeys & flows

Task, and process flows, journey maps, service blueprints, and system and site architectures.

Interfaces & prototypes

Sketches, wireframes, prototypes, mockups, and visual design comps.

Tools to help you practice design

Checks & reviews

Presentation templates and framing material to run good reviews.


Tips and tools for workshops and collaborative working sessions.

Recent updates


Business landscape canvas
A method that helps teams build a shared vision for where their organization is headed and what external factors are at play.

Updated 181 days ago ago.


Futures wheel
A method that helps teams identify the direct and indirect effects of a decision, event, or trend.

Updated 336 days ago ago.


4-corners sketching
For an interface, a method to document and understand the interface's target user, their task, the previous and next steps, and the content and functionality needed to support the user.

Updated 337 days ago ago.


Goal Mapping
A method that helps teams identify, discuss, and prioritize a list of goals for a project, department, or organization. Includes templates and facilitation guide.

Updated 349 days ago ago.


Methods and activities should call back to previous methods and activities
Methods and activities should build on each other. To reinforce that point while facilitating, use one of these four methods to refer back to a previous method or activity, call backs.

Updated 350 days ago ago.